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Distinguished and Famous people from Barcaldine

The following is a list of distinguished and famous individuals who were either born in or associated with the region of Barcaldine in Queensland, Australia:

  • Richard Casey (1890-1976): Richard Casey, Baron Casey, was an Australian statesman who served as the Governor-General of Australia from 1965 to 1969. He was born in Barcaldine.
  • Christine Anu (born 1970): Christine Anu is an Australian pop singer and actress of Torres Strait Islander descent. She was born in Barcaldine.
  • Robert Corrigan (1914-1993): Robert "Bob" Corrigan was an Australian rules footballer who played for Carlton in the Victorian Football League (VFL). He was born in Barcaldine.
  • Emily Seebohm (born 1992): Emily Seebohm is an Australian competitive swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. She hails from Barcaldine.
  • Joseph Swan (1866-1931): Joseph Swan was an Australian politician who served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Queensland. He was born in Barcaldine.
  • Ann Symonds (born 1949): Ann Symonds is an Australian former politician and trade union official. She was born in Barcaldine.
  • Gordon Withers (1917–2002): Gordon Withers was an Australian field hockey player who competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics. He hailed from Barcaldine.
  • William Britton (1900–1995): William Britton was an Australian sculptor and artist known for his works displayed in various public places. He was born in Barcaldine.
  • John Hargreaves (1945-1996): John Hargreaves was an Australian actor, best known for his roles in Mad Max and The Odd Angry Shot. He was born in Barcaldine.
  • Louisa Lawson (1848-1920): Louisa Lawson was an Australian suffragist, poet, and writer. She was associated with Barcaldine through her husband's work on the Queensland railways.
  • Lyndon Burgess (born 1942): Lyndon Burgess is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played as a halfback. He was born in Barcaldine.
  • Peter Beattie (born 1952): Peter Beattie is an Australian politician and former Premier of Queensland. He has ties to Barcaldine through his family connections.

This list represents just a few examples of the many notable individuals associated with or hailing from the region of Barcaldine, Queensland, Australia. Their achievements and contributions have left a lasting impact in various fields and have helped shape Queensland's cultural and historical landscape.

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